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Top 10 Most Hated Youtubers In The World


I’m not saying I hate these YouTubers, but I’m just making a list of people who are hated for reasons. When we talk about personalities of YouTube, not each one is as appreciated as say, Jenna Marbles or Shay Carl. Some are hated this much that they have got a personal list. Following is the list of most hated YouTubers in the world. Have a look.

12 – LionMakerStudiosLionMakerStudios

Marcus Wilton, host of LionMakerStudios channel of YouTube is 28 years of age. This Minecrafter of Belgium has been blamed for sexual connections with several of his teen followers. He is exposed for drawing teenagers on Skype, presenting cash in return for nude photographs and comprising a relationship by means of a 15 year of age fan. This YouTuber is at 12th place in this most hated YouTubers list.

11 – TheAmazingAtheist


YouTube rage performer Teroja Kincaid, who names himself the amazing atheist, is a notorious Youtube personality recognized for his violent hits on sensitive political and social issues. At first, he spoke generally regarding atheism except afterward diversified to cover a range of topics, condemning Jesus, Pope, Islamic fanaticism and has in addition taken on anti-feminist attitude over the years, considering feminism as immense danger and injurious to society. This YouTuber is at 11th place in this most hated YouTubers list.

10 – Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez

He calls himself a self-help expert on “good life,” and can assist you to attain your full capability by means of a “67 Steps Program.” Within his renowned video ad, “here in my garage,” Tai guarantees that as soon as you sign for his plan, you will get everything you desire, like loads of wealth, health or happiness. This YouTuber is at 10th place in this most hated YouTubers list.

09 – PrankInvasion


What is the probability of you meeting a sexy, female doctor inside a hospital and she is all set to participate in a game in trade of a kiss? Chris Monroe performs exactly this on his extremely famous channel of YouTube named PrankInvasion. Majority of his videos engages him going towards good-looking females in public place, making themintoo a kiss or give their numbers. This YouTuber is at 9th place in this most hated YouTubers list. Videos of PrankInvasion are said to be scripted, employing actresses and paying them to perform kissing videos whilst plundering on minds of innocent young viewers.

08 – OnisionOnision

Greg Jackson or known as Onision is unquestionably among the most loathed YouTube villains. His every video is more or less all the time on divisive topics such as rape, abortion, religion, veganism or circumcision. His routine of showing his filthy laundry has called him drama queen who has constantly revealed to be slanderous and abusive for his feminine partners. This YouTuber is at 8th place in this most hated YouTubers list.

07 – KeemstarKeemstar

Though he has been illustrated as a racialist who terrifies YouTube community, famous Youtube series named DramaAlert host, recognized as Keemstar up till now has an extremely devoted fanbase. He has come under attack several times for making up stories only for his private gain, most remarkably for creating a blameless 62 of year aged man weep on Twitch subsequent to blaming him to be an offender pedophile. This YouTuber is at 7th place in this most hated YouTubers list.

06 – FunToyzCollectorFunToyzCollector

If you are parents of a toddler, in that case, you almost certainly know of an extremely successful channel of YouTube but minute has been acknowledged regarding the female behind hands. Actually, her face is not visible in a single video. The person with those manicured soft hands is an ex-porn star of Brazil. A number of people uncovered her actual character as Daiane DeJesus a.k.a. Sandy Summers in the porn industry. This YouTuber is at 6th place in this most hated YouTubers list.

05 – SoFloSoFlo

Antonio Lievano also was known as SoFlo Antonio, mostly identified in society for thieving millions of views as of unique content initiators and posting false joke videos. He initiated making unique prank videos except has come below fire since for reprocessing others’ data as his individual, without authorization or appropriate recognition; a practice identified as ‘freebooting’ in an online society. This YouTuber is at 5th place in this most hated YouTubers list.

04 – Sam Pepper

Sam Pepper

Sam Pepper, the British star of YouTube is no new arrival to the argument. The 27 years of age initially acquired loads of heat in the year 2014 intended for the video which featured him squeezing butts of women on street whilst inquiring for tracks. The counterattack from video provided several women the guts to appear by means of sexual aggravation and also rape accusations in opposition to Sam. These allegations resulted in more than 100,000 people as well as his colleague Youtubers marking an appeal to remove his YouTube account. This YouTuber is at 4th place in this most hated YouTubers list.

03 – Nicole ArbourNicole Arbour

Nicole a self-declared comedian has created a name for herself by means of troll videos which have gathered more than 40 million views so far. Some time ago she turned out to be the most loathed villain of Internet by means of her YouTube fume named “Dear Fat People.” The contentious “fat-shaming” memo in video extended speedily on social media along with Nicole was greatly condemned for disrespecting people who weigh up more as compared to her. But she didn’t apologize for that divisive video, she didn’t even observe the comments as maltreatment, but somewhat a strong figure of reality-telling. This YouTuber is at 3rd place in this most hated YouTubers list.

02 – PewDiePie

PewDiePie Net Worth

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, known online as PewDiePie, is a Swedish YouTube personality, web-based comedian, and video producer. He is known for his Let’s Play commentaries and vlogs, as well as his following on YouTube. After watching his video “Can this video get 1 million dislikes? “, he got about 3 million dislikes. He asked for it. He got it. Boom. This YouTuber is at 2nd place in this most hated YouTubers list. He is not talking about him getting rich and bragging about it to poor families. Some people are mental because they don’t know who PewDiePie is.

01 – Jake Paul

Jake Joseph Paul is an American actor and YouTube personality who rose to significant fame on the now-defunct video application Vine. Jake Paul has brainwashed his followers and is so dumbfounded by money he can’t see how much of a racist homophobic pathological abusive liar he is, his team 10 members dint even dare tell him for fear of being thrown out of the house or worse not earning money. This YouTuber is at 1st place in this most hated YouTubers list. He revolves around money and shouldn’t have the platform he does.

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