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William Lerach Net Worth


William Lerach Net WorthWilliam Lerach Net Worth: William Lerach is an American disbarred lawyer. William Lerach was born 14 March 1946, in, Midwestern United States, United States. According to Forbes, William Lerach Net Worth is $900 Million. Lerach succeeded in suing the biggest names in the US business, prosecuting Haliburton, and then vice president of US Vice President Dick Cheney. For more than 30 years, Lerach was a securities lawyer. He led the securities and shareholders’ actions to bill billions of dollars for deceptive shareholders of Wall Street banks, major accounting firms, companies and insurance companies. Lerach is the subject of media attention and a common commentator on economic and political affairs, securities and corporate law. As the plaintiff in the Enron case of the chief lawyer, he received $ 7.12 billion US history is currently a group of collective value judgments in the largest return. In 2007, Lerach admitted a crime against the charges and began to sentence two years in prison. He was a disabled person in 2009. Lerach was the Democratic Party’s major donor for many years. His case and judgments were chaired by US District Court Judge John Walter, who was nominated by President Bush in 2002 for the presidency.

William Lerach Net Worth is $900 Million

First Name William
Last Name Lerach
Date of Birth 14th March 1946
Zodiac S Pisces
Nationality American
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